Robert Davis

Robert Davis, 31, was released from prison under a conditional pardon on December 21, 2015.  Steve Rosenfeld, a dedicated lawyer who still figures prominently in Robert’s life as his friend and advisor, won the fight for him. In December, 2016, Robert was cleared of all charges, and granted a rare full pardon by Governor Terry MCauliffe.
Though Robert’s goal was to be financially self-sustaining after a year, many factors, especially his mother, Sandy Seal’s, death in a car accident in February, 2016, forced him, for a time, to concentrate his attention on settling her estate.  Most of it paid for funeral expenses.
He is employed part-time, and makes less than $600 a month. A hand-up is what he seeks, more than a hand-out:  anyone with any kind of part-time work for him is invited to call him at 434-465-7031 or email him at
Meanwhile Open Hands continues to be a resource for anyone who would like to help Robert financially. Funds collected for Robert will go primarily to meet housing needs, utilities, and car insurance. All donations are tax deductible.