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We are a 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax-deductible.

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Donating to Open Hands is a unique experience.  All overhead costs are covered by the General Fund, so 100% of every donation goes to the account specified (Please note:  Paypal takes a 2.65% + .30 fee).  While we support and have helped launch many special projects (see History link at the top of this page for a list), we also administer donations to ease life challenges, and the situations of the ill, elderly, and dying, and have done so for 39 years.

Please consider donating to any of the organizations, individual needs, or long-standing accounts you see listed below.  Even the smallest amount can make a big difference. And all are tax-deductible.

If you have or know of a need in your community, or a special project that you would like to support,  fill out an application.  The application process is easy and usually takes less than a week.  Access the application here.


Individual Needs

Thomas Miller Fund

Thomas Miller has always responded to the needs of others, and now he and his family need help. He was injured when he apparently fell off the roof of a house. He was found unconscious on the ground and hospitalized with an intracranial bleed and broken bones, including his pelvis. His pelvis has healed, but problems from head trauma continue.  His wife was severely injured 10 years ago in an interstate car accident. She cannot work. They are both living with a daughter now.  Thomas has recently been reissued a driver's license, after completing a course at Woodrow Wilson. He is making slow progress, but he cannot work, and financial challenges continue.  His family needs about $5,000 to address present medical needs and other outstanding family expenses. Please donate as generously as you can.

The Caregiver Fund

Open Hands makes this fund available to help with expenses incurred by any caregiver: teachers, parents, nurses. We recognize that balance in our lives is fundamental to wellness, and that caregivers need the same caring that they provide to others. Fill out an application to fund a spa day, or retreat, or something that makes your life a little easier. This fund has also been used for tires; gas; rent; supplies. Donations to this account are most welcome.

Katherine Anne

Help Katherine cover medical expenses for pneumonia and ongoing health challenges. With your donation, she would be able to pay off medical expenses and debts accrued last winter when she was unable to work. She continues to see specialists for undiagnosed symptoms, and is eager to get back on her feet and serve our community.

The Holly Hermanson Carter Fund

Holly now has 1 to 3 surgeries ahead -- all are repairs due to complications  from prior surgeries.   Scan results on 10/28/19 showed no definitive recurrence.  So proceeding with the greatest hope and trust for the best possible outcome, the first corrective surgery is planned for December 3.  Because Holly remains limited in her ability to work and has mounting medical bills she continues to need help and support.  Timeline: possibly a year and a half. Holly's husband Lenny is also dealing with cancer. His scan, the day after Holly's, has shown some increase in an involved lymph node.  More information is posted on Caring Bridge.

SaBR (The Sarah Bordeau-Rigterink Fund)

Sarah has been working for four years toward becoming a certified professional midwife, through the Academy of Experiential Midwifery Education. She is currently in phase 3 of 4, and works with midwives at the Winding River Birth Center. She has also been dealing with chronic lyme for at least 4 years. As she is unable to work more than minimally, she has currently accumulated $17,000 in debt, which is still building daily due to basic life necessities and school. She has been able to pay most of her basic bills, and has been paying above the interest rate of her debt when possible.  She would like to be able to pay off her debts. She also needs the resources to explore alternative therapies for her illness. She would like to use Open Hands to receive donations to help her to offset some of the amount she owes, and to be able to explore avenues of healing that she has not been able to afford.

Ernie Kidd

Ernie has been working with a rheumatologist, and finds some symptoms have been relieved.  He has been able to work 4 or 5 sessions a week, sometimes 2 in 1 day. His doctor hopes to continue with a new treatment, but the cost is a real concern. Ernie is still very much in need to make ends meet.  Please contribute.  Read more

Mary Kate McDevitt

The last few years have been a very difficult financial time for Kate. In addition, her health insurance was cancelled with no warning last year. She has filed an appeal, upset with the way the insurance company handled it. The complaint is going to trial. She has a lot of medical costs, and no dental insurance. Your generosity will help her so much.

Friends: Long-Standing Accounts


Mariah enjoys her life with family, grandchildren, and friends after a very serious bout with cancer. She continues to put her unique and uplifting spin on any situation she finds herself in. We hold her in our hearts, and welcome all donations on her behalf. For more information click here.

The Noah Friedman Special Fund

Noah is enrolled at the Virginia Institute of Autism, and continues to practice hard to integrate helpful ways to interact in the world from his very special way of seeing it. Noah's parents walk this very difficult walk with him.


This wonderful fund collects money that goes to Chile specifically to buy children's shoes. It was initiated after the 2010 8.8 earthquake there, and has continued ever since.