Open Hands, in the last 40 years, has supported and provided initiative for many special projects.  While we know that it takes many, many hands to complete big tasks, please feel free to reference the works we have participated in, which are listed below. 

Individuals who have used the services of Open Hands in the past because of personal life situations are not listed here.

Active public projects supported by your donations are in blue.


Hospice of the Piedmont

Inepe, an alternative school in a barrio of Quito, Equador

Ian Robertson Fund

Tibetan Resettlement Project

Wintergreen Ski Adaptive Program

Creative and Healing Arts Institute

Nursing Students without Borders

A pilot Adult Day Care Center at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Blue Cliff Society, a Buddhist education group

Centrum, a multi-disciplinary health care experiment

The Prometheus Project, counseling for trauma survivors

Joshua Tree Stress Reduction Center

Heaven on Earth, a book on Waldorf-inspired early childhood education

The Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour in Charlottesville

Compassionate Clowns in Charlottesville

Creating Coherence, a pilot program providing scholarships for underserved populations to learn transcendental meditation

3-year renewal project for the helping professional, the Atum Workshops

The Caregiver Fund

Nepali for Nepali, an NGO providing earthquake relief

Blue Ridge Sufi Community

Mapuche Project, shoes for children in Chile

Shoemaking Project, Sierra Leone

Bahamian Bush Medicine (formerly San Salvador Ethnobotanical Project)

Honduran Hurricane Relief

Rocky Mountain Eco Dharma Retreat Center

Nepal School Supply Fund

Nepal Education Fund

McIntire Botanical Garden

Botanica Herbs and Healing

North Garden Farmer’s Market

Accessible Yoga for Children with Autism Around the World


Mission Statement:  Our interest is in serving:

  • people who are challenged by a life situation,  illness,  old age, or dying
  • the care of the health care professional
  • the activities of volunteers
  • education and research in related areas