As many of you already have heard. . . My Oncologist graduated me!

Yep. No more cancer. Stage 3 to Cancer free.

There is no sign of it anywhere. This was confirmed by a great PET scan that followed a great CT scan (5 months later). Dr. Douvas says I can come visit him if I want, but do not need to really check officially on things for a year.

This is the news we all have been going for, praying for, working for. Amazing to be here.
I want to say thanks to all of you in my healing circle and team for all your prayers, financial and physical support, good vibes, meals and good humor, for holding my vision, and for sharing this Sacred process with me.

I love and deeply appreciate all of you for this.

Please hold me lightly in my current process of rebuilding my chi and integrating these experiences from my healing journey into what is next in my life.