Ian Robertson Fund

Hello to all Friends of Ian Robertson,

Representatives of Ian’s family and several members of the Friends of Ian Robertson met with the Board of the McIntire Botanical Garden (MBG) to explore the possibilities of coordinating our efforts to remember Ian with the goals of the Botanical Garden. Based on our earlier meetings with representatives of MBG, we presented two possible alternatives for a gift in Ian’s name. One option was a planting and/or physical structure to be created within the Garden. Considering the early stages of the development of the McIntire Botanical Garden this option may be exercised in the future but is not applicable at this time due to timing, logistics and security issues.

The second option was an endowed educational lecture series. One of our criteria in giving this type of gift is that series must be used as a fund raising tool for MBG. As Lesley Sewell said during our meeting, “education is a critical element in the mission statement of the Garden” and the entire MBG Board was excited about our suggestion that the funds FIR raised might be used for educational programming in Ian’s name.

Our original goal for memorializing Ian as an educator and horticulturalist was to create a horticulture scholarship at PVCC. Though not the same structure as a scholarship, the intent of funding an educational series seems an appropriate option for using our funds towards the important goal of horticultural education and it has the potential of reaching a great many more people. Prior to getting ill, Ian was supporting the efforts towards creating the McIntire Botanical garden and we are very excited that FIR may play a supportive role in its creation in Ian’s honor.

Everyone interested is invited to discuss how best to set up the educational fund & coordinate our efforts with the goals of McIntire Botanical Garden.

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