Your donation to this non-governmental organization purchases brick-making machines and empowers local residents to rebuild homes and schools after the earthquake.

Namaste NFN Supporters!

NFN is launching a new awareness program featuring our very own interactive mini-demo home! We hope to raise some funds here in Nepal and teach people about interlocking blocks. All the proposal details are here.  Donations are necessary to help support the educational process as we get the word out to local residents.

   In other news, yesterday was the end of the first public elections held in Nepal in over 20 years! It was the final stage in voting that has lasted over 6 months. The central government has been taking every precautionary measure to ensure that the election is conducted in a peaceful manner. No vehicles were allowed on the roads for the entire day and security was heightened for weeks preceding this final vote. I went to a voting station and was happy to see long lines all day, although almost of the voters were over 35. With memories of ineptitude and outright lies from the government during their entire lives (especially in the last 3 years since the earthquake), Nepalese youth are completely apathetic towards politics. Hopefully this will change as new faces join the political scene, but for now it is the start of Nepalese becoming active citizens with a voice. It remains to be seen how those in power realize their position as public servants.
As always, looking forward to your comments and suggestions,